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AFA2011 Presentations

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We are currently compiling all presentations delivered by the delegates at Asia for Animals 2011. Please click on the titles below to download the presentations. Please note that not all presentations are available yet, and we will continue to update this page.

Session 1: Educate, empower, take action

Humane behaviour change: Moving the education focus from awareness to facilitating change; Elodie Guillon, WSPA, Southeast Asia
Conservation education as a tool for protecting giant panda habitat and minority cultures in rural southwest China; Li Ying and Sarah M Bexell, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Spreading ideas of compassion among Chinese college students; Professor Sun Jiang, Northwest University of Politics and Law
How did the Dalian animal protection organisations successfully enter the university campus: the results and prospects; Yu Hongmei, PET100
Challenges in animal welfare and veterinary education; Dr Heather Bacon, Veterinary Welfare and Education Outreach Manager, University of Edinburgh/Animals Asia Foundation
Cry from animals and historical responsibility of journalists; Zhang Dan, China Journalist Salon for Protecting Animals
Media promotion for animal protection; Liu Huili, Da Er Wen Nature Knowledge Society
Challenges in animal welfare and veterinary educationWorking with the enemy; Daniel Turner, Senior Operations Officer, Born Free Foundation
Public Participation in animal welfare education; Lucky Wu, Animals Asia Foundation
Strengthen the consciousness of animal protection among the younger generation of China; Chen Qian, Swiss Animal Protection Organisation

Session 2: Ethics on the Ark

Campaigning creatively for the welfare of zoo animals; Louis Ng, ACRES
Chinese zoos in the 21st Century: The role of the China Association of Zoological Gardens; Mm. Xie Zhong, Deputy Secretary General, China Association of Zoological Gardens
Tackling cruelty within captivity, and improving the welfare of captive animals through enrichment, innovative enclosure design and improved animal management; Nicola Field, Vet & Bear Team Manager, and Shi Xueliang , Bear Team Supervisor, Animals Asia
Effective primate enrichment through international collaboration and local empowerment: an Indonesian case study; James Robins, Care for Orang-utan Protection/Orang-utan Appeal UK
Stereotypic Behaviours in Captive Elephants; Sumolya Kanchanapangka, Faculty of Veterinary Science Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
The importance of constructive zoo assessment; Daniel Turner, Senior Operations Officer, Born Free Foundation

Session 3: Dominion

Educating the public about our conditionings and how we can change them; Dr Nanditha Shah, SHARAN - Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature
Deciphering Darkness; Venkata Sai Sriram Vepuir, Blue Cross of Hyderabad, India
Compassion for Animals in Chinese Traditional Culture; Professor Mang Ping, Beijing’s Central Institute of Socialist Studies

Session 4: Legal Eagles

The Historical Development and Future of Legislation for Animal Welfare in China; Prof Song Wei , Law Institute, University of Science and Technology of China.
Stalemate - when animals fall foul of political inertia; Dr Fiona Woodhouse, Deputy Director (Welfare) SPCA HK
Anti-animal cruelty legislation needs enlightenment of education; Prof Chang Jiwen, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences & Prof Zhang Shijun, Associate Professor, School of Law, Shandong University

Session 5: Animal Experiments & Alternatives  

Training of mainland Chinese veterinarians to better understand principles of humane care of laboratory animals; DK Rowlands, Scientific Officer, Laboratory Animal Services Centre Chinese University of Hong Kong
Laws of Asia do not adequately protect the welfare of animals in research; Anthony E James, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Director of Lab, Animal Services Centre
Ending toxicity testing on animals in the 21st century; Dr Andrew Rowan, CEO, Humane Society International
Best practice and alternatives to animal experiments in education and training; Nick Jukes, InterNICHE

Session 6: Down on the factory farm  

A “harmonious society” needs to end factory farming for the sake of animals, people and the planet;; Jeff Zhou, Compassion in World Farming
How inhumane livestock conditions and burying alive affect foot-and-mouth disease; So-Yeon Park, CARE - Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth
The slaughter industry in Asia and the importance of humane slaughter programmes; Rasto Kolesar, Jia Zili, JinJuan Sun, WSPA Jia Zili Beijing Chaoyang Anhua Animal Products Safety Research Institute
How we can work together to end battery cages in egg production; Nuggehalli Jayasimha, Humane Society International
Empowering consumers through product labelling; David Neale, Political Co-ordinator (volunteer), British Hen Welfare Trust/ Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia Foundation
The Promotion of Animal Welfare in China; Professor Teng Xiaohua, Northeast Agricultural University, Vice Dean of Animal Technology Department.
Changes of Animal Production Systems Are Needed Not Only by Farm Animal Welfare; Professor Zhaoxingbo Zhao Xingbo, Professor at China Agricultural University
Reasons and Solutions for Deterioration of Animal Welfare on Pig Factory Farms in Southern China; Professor Wangqian Wang Qian, Chief editor of Livestock and Poultry Magazine
Strengthening International Cooperation in the field of Animal Welfare and Promoting the Development of Animal Welfare in China; Ms. Xi Chunling and Mr. Ayoshi, China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation Animal Welfare Professional Committee.

Session 7: Empty forests, empty oceans  

Bear truth - complexities of bear conservation in India; Kartick Satyanarayan, Wildlife SOS/International Animal Rescue
Threatened species have no extra time: Shubhobroto Ghosh, TRAFFIC, India
Exposing the dolphin trade in the Solomon Islands: Mark Berman, Associate Director, Earth Island Institute
Saving Animals with Keystrokes - illegal wildlife trade on the Internet in China; Crystal Wang, IFAW, Beijing
Tackling the trade in wild animals in Thailand; Thanaphat Payakkaporn and Owart Maprang The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand
Saving wild raptors in Beijing; Guolian (Gavin) Tang and Dr Kati Loeffler, Beijing Raptor Centre (IFAW)
Primate trade in Indonesia; Karmele Llano Sanchez, International Animal Rescue
Urban Animal Planet; SongChun, Beijing Forestry University, China
Questions and reflections on shark protection; Jet Zang, Hainan Zhibang Wild Animals Protection Center
Welfare advantages of minimally invasive assessment of abdominal disease in Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) rescued from bile farms; Romain Pizzi, Free the Bears and Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Human Elephant Co-existence. Elephant-resistant crops buffer economic loss to elephant damage; Deepani Jayantha, Born Free Foundation, Sri Lanka
Using an ethnoprimatological approach to aid in the understanding of the human-macaque conflict in Muara Angke, Indonesia; Dr Sharmini Julita, International Animal Rescue
"Gods in Chains"; Elephant welfare efforts in India; Geeta Seshamani, International Animal Rescue
The bear bile trade in East and SE Asia; Chris Shepherd, TRAFFIC
Mandarin duck conservation at Beijing Zoo; Zhang Jingguo and Cui Duoying, Beijing Zoo
Interim Relief Scheme to reduce man-animal conflict in and around Corbett Tiger Reserve; Kedar Gore, The Corbett Foundation
The Tipping Point: No retreat, no surrender in campaign against bear farming; Jill Robinson, Toby Zhang, Tuan Bendixsen, Animals Asia

Session 8: One dog and cat at a time  

Socially responsible pet ownership. The trials and tribulations of achieving social harmony between people and companion animals; Dr Fiona Woodhouse, Deputy Director (Welfare), SPCA HK
Reducing the number of homeless animals from the source; Chen Qian, The Home of Love
Matters of principle in animal shelters; the welfare of animals kept in captivity; building a home for the street animals; Ha Wenjin, Nanjing Ping’an A Fu Homeless Animals Rescuing Center
Animal birth control (ABC) as a sustainable approach for reducing canine cruelty in Kathmandu, Nepal, Dr Baburam Gautam, Kathmandu Metropolitan City & Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT Centre)
Alternatives to animal shelters; Sarah Vallentine, WSPA
Diverse service provided by Nanjing PSB and Humane city dog management to create a harmonious society;
Yang Hengbao, head of dog management office, NPD and Wu Jiasheng, Head of NPD dog shelter.
Moving forward to Yushu, April14, 2010; Jiang Hong, Xi’an Red Pomegranate Companion Animal Rescue Center
Ending the inhumane culling of dogs (and cats); Sarah Vallentine & Baburam Gautam, WSPA
What can we do to save suffering Chinese rural dogs; Du Yufeng, Guangyuan Bo’ai Animal Protection Center
Report on TNR project in Beijing’s parks; Qin Xiaona, Capital Animal Welfare Association
Rabies eradication and free roaming dogs population management through spay and neuter: The Bhutan and Philippine Program; Rahul Sehgal and Rey De Napoles, Director of HSI India Office and HSI Philippine Consultant
Sharing experiences of a successful TNR project; Zeng Li, Lucky Cats
Working with the government to bring an end to puppy farming; Mandy Paterson, Scientific Research Officer, RSPCA Qld
Humane animal birth control for the street dogs of India: Empowering the whole team through “Vet Train”; Dr Thinlay Bhutia, Vets Beyond Borders, India
Veterinary capacity building in China; Dr Kati Loeffler, IFAW China
People in harmony with feral and wild animals: Practical effective TNR; David Burrows, veterinary surgeon
Don't eat dog: a public awareness campaign against dog meat eating/trading; Luis M Buenaflor, Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.
Our strategies and methods to solve the China cat and dog welfare problem; Irene Feng, Animals Asia
Maximing the capacity and output of a shelter-based spay-neuter clinic; Dr. Wilford Almoro, Philippine Animal Welfare Society

Session 9: Compassionate Conservation.  

First do no harm; Professor Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado
The need for compassionate conservation; animal-welfare concepts, considerations and conflicts in conservation; Chris Draper, Born Free Foundation
Animal welfare in wildlife conservation, compassionate solutions to researching wild populations and allowing people and wildlife to live together; Sandeep Rattan, Wildlife Wing, Forest Department, Himachal, India
Translocation tragedies: How animal welfare science can save endangered species; Liv Baker, University of British Columbia and San Diego Zoo institute for Conservation Research
Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Asia: A converging point for animal welfare and species conservation; Rupert Griffiths, SPCA HK
The holistic approaches of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre to conserve sun bears in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo; Siew Te Wong, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
Bear re-release in Southeast Asia: A route to compassionate conservation; Lorraine Scotson, Free the Bears Fund Inc
The rescue and rehabilitation of slow lorises rescued from the animal trade; Richard Moore, International Animal Rescue
Kangaroo harvesting: Do the means justify the end?; Keely Boon or Dror Ben-Ami, Christine Townend, THINKK, University Of Technology, Sydney

Session 10: Animal Welfare in Education  

How do we ensure successful, sustainable programmes? David F Coggan, Humanebeing Education & Training Consultancy
Progress of Chinese Animal Welfare Education; Prof Jingduo Liu, Chinese National Institute of Educational Research
The power of education programmes: key components that make a programme successful; Poonyisa Kamonnawin, WSPA, Thailand
Facilitating lasting advancement in attitudes towards animals; Vivian Chiu Ming Ming, SPCA HK
The Exploitation of High-quality Resources of Chinese Animal Welfare Education; Professor Yao Yaping, Chinese National Institute of Educational Research
Practice children in caring for animals and respecting for life; Xiao Bing, Xiamen Animal Protection Education Professional Committee
Educating to stop animal abuse: Lessons learned; Dr Roshan Fernandopulle, Tsunami Animal-People Alliance, Sri Lanka
Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation through Early Childhood Education; Tang Ya Fei & Sarah M. Bexell, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Educating Students Creatively; Nancy L Gibson, Love Wildlife Foundation
Empowering Young People in China to Care for Animals; Zhu Zhen, Roots & Shoots, China

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